Implementing the Use of INTERCEPT® Fibrinogen Complex (IFC) in the Pediatric Setting

Presented during the SABM 2022 Annual Meeting:
Improved Blood Availability with the INTERCEPT® Blood System, Pathogen Reduction System

Inventory management for platelet components and fibrinogen sources (such as cryoprecipitated Antihemophilic Factor, or cryo AHF) can be challenging given their short shelf-life. Timely administration of platelets and fibrinogen are essential to prevent delays in treatments and surgeries. This workshop describes how Pathogen Reduced Platelets (also known as INTERCEPT® Platelets) and Pathogen Reduced Cryoprecipitated Fibrinogen Complex (also known as INTERCEPT® Fibrinogen Complex) improve blood availability for patients in need.

Presented by:
Sheri Goertzen, MLS(ASCP)BB, CLS(CA), CQA(ASQ)
Transfusion Service

Valley Children’s Hospital & Healthcare
Madera, California

Sheri Goertzen started her medical technologist career as a blood banker at a large regional medical center in Fresno, California where she served for 11 years.  She then became the Transfusion Service Supervisor at Valley Children’s Hospital and has been there for the last 31 years.  During this time, Sheri has been very active in AABB, serving as a lead assessor, as well as being a member and chair of various  committees that focus on accreditation and education.  She served on the BB/TS Standards Committee, and is currently a member of the AABB eLearning and Annual Meeting Education Committees. Additionally, Sheri has been a reviewer of abstracts for AABB and has contributed multiple articles as well as being featured in the AABB News publication.

Sheri enjoys teaching and is very involved at Valley Children’s Hospital in the education of the CLS interns, nursing staff, and medical staff.  She is also an active member of numerous hospital committees including the Transfusion Committee, Pharmacy, and Patient Safety Committee.

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Runtime: 23 min