Hemorrhage control requires all hands on deck.
Pre-pooled INTERCEPT® Fibrinogen Complex facilitates transfusion of high doses of fibrinogen from a single container.

Fibrinogen decreases rapidly and significantly in hemorrhage across a variety of clinical settings.1,2

These clinical settings include:

  • Cardiovascular surgery3,4
  • Hemorrhagic trauma2
  • Obstetric hemorrhage5
  • Organ transplant6
  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)7

The effective transfusion dose of INTERCEPT Fibrinogen Complex is dependent on the clinical presentation of bleeding, the clinical setting, and the risk and magnitude of bleeding associated with demonstrable or clinically suspected fibrinogen deficiency.

INTERCEPT Fibrinogen Complex retains in vitro functional characteristics 5 days post-thaw8 and pre-pooling facilitates transfusion of high doses of fibrinogen from a single container.*

See the Circular of Information for blood component dosing information9

INTERCEPT Fibrinogen Complex Mean (SD) Fibrinogen content at thaw (mg) Mean (SD) Fibrinogen content at the end of 5 days post thaw (mg)


740 (166) 686 (165)


1457 (243) 1353 (250)


2,220# 2,058#


3117 (568) 2907 (601)


3,700# 3,430#

Mean (±Standard Deviation) from Pathogen Reduced Cryoprecipitated Fibrinogen Complex prepared from whole blood-derived plasma frozen within 24 hours after phlebotomy (PF24) plasma.
#Calculated based on pooling of FC10, SD not available

No in vivo clinical studies have been performed with INTERCEPT Fibrinogen Complex.